Gabriel Satrio Wibowo

Full StackDeveloper

Looking forward to collaborate with you.

Gabriel Satrio Wibowo

Current favorite tech stack/tools:

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • React Query
  • Sass
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Framer Motion4
  • Node.js
  • Figma

About me

I'm a passionate dev with 2+ years of work experience in web and mobile application development. I look forward to collaborate with you for your upcoming web / mobile application development project.


ATEJA Tritunggal | Jul. 2020 - Now

Full Stack Developer

My work process


The first step is to hold a meeting to learn about your expectations, objectives and project requirements. It is important to discuss the scope of the project, the resources required and the project delivery schedule.


With the action plan already defined, the web designs are made. Through Figma, mockups will be presented so that you have an image of what will be your website with the chosen colors and fonts, adapted for all devices and prioritizing usability.

SEO and content

The next step is to implement an SEO and content strategy to help improve a website´s visibility in search engine results, which can generate more traffic and improve the quality of visitors.In addition, a well- structured content strategy can also contribute to better and longer - lasting results.

Development phase

Once the design has been approved, the layout will be designed in the test environment and all the functionalities will be implemented so that the website takes shape. In the case that a website with SEO and content has been contracted, they will also be applied in this phase.

Test phase

You want a beautiful website, but you also want it to work perfectly, so in this phase we do all kinds of tests to make sure it´s fast, accessible, intuitive, secure, with a good responsive design, etc.


You are done. Congratulations, you have a website created by me. You will also have the option to hire my web maintenance service, so that it is always updated and ready.

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